BayesPrism Gateway

About BayesPrism Gateway

The BayesPrism Gateway is a cloud platform that hosts two bioinformatics online services for functional analysis of BayesPrism and SpaceFold. These online services are developed by the Dana Pe'er Lab at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and supported by the SciGap (Science Gateway Platform as a Service) and ACCESS (Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Coordination Ecosystem: Services & Support).

SciGaP supports access to core infrastructure services required by Science Gateways, including: user identity, accounts, authorization, and access to multiple computational resources from ACCESS.

ACCESS provides GPU resources under the project (BIO220040p: BayesPrism Science Gateway).

About Dana Pe'er Lab

Dana Pe'er Lab combines single cell technologies, genomic datasets and machine learning algorithms to address fundamental questions in biomedical science. Empowered by recent breakthrough technologies like massive parallel single cell RNA-sequencing, we ask questions such as: How do multi-cellular organisms develop from a single cell, resulting in the vast diversity of progenitor and terminal cell types? How does a cell’s regulatory circuit control the dynamics of signal processing and how do these circuits rewire over the course of development? How does an ensemble of cells function together to execute a multi-cellular response, such as an immune response to pathogen or cancer? We will also address more medically oriented questions such as: How do regulatory circuits go awry in disease? What is the consequence of intra-tumor heterogeneity? Can we characterize the tumor immune eco-system to gain a better understanding of when or why immunotherapy works or does not work? A key goal is to use this characterization of the tumor immune eco-system to personalize immunotherapy.

About Apache Airavata

Apache Airavata is a software framework that enables you to compose, manage, execute, and monitor large scale applications and workflows on distributed computing resources such as local clusters, supercomputers, computational grids, and computing clouds.

PGA(PHP Gateway with Airavata) is a framework to build science gateway with the Airavata API. BayesPrism Gateway is built on top of PGA by modifying it.


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